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Occupational and Speech Therapy with experience

We recognise the unique challenges that your child faces and we understand that your child (and adolescents) responds best when feeling comfortable and relaxed.

“Empowering parents and teachers creates the best outcome for children” -Thats's the Inspiring Possibilities Way

Clinics in Essendon and Moorabbin

Telehealth with very experienced therapists with in 2 weeks to avoid excessive wait lists and give you a priority to obtain face fo face therapy.

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A time to connect and ask any questions you have about the benefits of occupational and Speech therapy for your child, funding or to discuss any frustrations you may have.


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You will receive our recommendations and goals. Together we can map out the best path for your child to grow and succeed.

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How our services are different

Dedicated Team

Our team of therapists are committed to providing you and your child with the tools you need to see your child reach their potential.

Need funding help?

The funding process can be daunting. We are accredited under NDIS, private health funds and Medicare rebates. We can help you attain funding during the application process.

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"Our number one priority is to bring out the best in your child's development and learning- That's the Inspiring Possibilities Way"
Occupational Therapay session with a child at home
Our occupational therapy specialises with:
  • Very experienced Therapists
  • Autism/developmental and learning delays, behavioural issues
  • Fine, gross and visual motor skills
  • Self care, self regulation and organisation
  • Sensory processing as well as muscle strength
  • Play and social skills interaction
  • Attention and concentration and school readiness programs
  • Handwriting/Pencil Grips
  • Dedicated Sensory Room
Occupational Therapy initial assessment
Our Speech Therapy Specialises with:
  • Very experienced therapists
  • Autism/developmental and learning delays, behavioural issues
  • Literacy, comprehension and communication
  • Speech articulation, pronunciation, stuttering, lisps and gramm
  • Understanding language and expressing thoughts with words
  • Dedicated sensory room
  • Fine, gross, visual motor skills
  • Self-care, self-regulation and organisation
  • Play and social skills and interaction
  • Attention, concentration and school readiness programs
  • NDIS registered and Medicare provider for rebates
  • Programs set with specific goal achievements
  • Open weekdays after hours and Saturdays
  • Initial Assessments
Occupational Therapy session with a child
Our therapists provide:
  • Occupational and Speech Therapy
  • A holistic approach to your child’s development